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Maritime expert evaluations


•  Expert evaluation of the damage caused by an outsider.
•  Expert reports on the errors caused during transportation.
•  Contra expert evaluation.

Expertises Technique :
  • Expert evaluation of damages caused by an outsider to the portuary infrastructures, engines or materials


Controle technique et surveillance :


•  Watching the work, control and checking bills.
•  Control of conditions... charging/ discharging- transport- the arrival of merchandise, damage due to the weather/sea condition.
•  Establishment of certificates or correspondent reports.
•  Watching during the charging and discharging.

             Qualitative :


•  Checking the technical characteristics of the product.
•  Checking packing.
•  Tagging control.
•  Taking samples according to the standard industrial classification.
•  Laboratory analysis of products reporting results and certificate analysis with interpretation.

Quantitative :

•  Ship inspection (checking information)
•  Holds inspection (property-aptitude- watertightness).
•  Merchandise inspection in quays/holds (stowing -striking).
•  Systematic coming up and counting of packages, bags or others.
•  Assistance from the start of shipment (embarkation-disembarkation) until the end of the operations.
•  Certifying all the abnormal or damaged products.
•  Means of discharging inspection.
•  Means of transport inspection (trucks-wagons).
•  Conditioning packing control and proper flaws of missed merchandise.
•  Watching work control and estimation of damages.


Analyses :


•  Psycho-chemical
•  Microbiology
•  Isotopic ( Radio activity)